Fantastic Redneck Fun in Alaska

Alaska Off Road Warriors
Alaska Off Road Warriors

I recently started watching a new reality show on the History Channel named “Alaska Off Road Warriors”. As a dabbler in off roading and one with a fine appreciation for the redneck life, this one looked like something that might be interesting, even if I have an aversion to reality shows.

After watching the first five episodes, I am totally hooked on it. 5 two-person teams are driving from the southern coast of Alaska to the northern coast over remote and very rugged terrain. The vehicles are nothing like you’d see on Top Gear, but rather the modified, beat up vehicles that your buddy might own. Consisting of a single Jeep, a newer Land Rover Defender, two old Toyota 4Runners and an antique Toyota Landcruiser, the contestants race daily rally stages that beat the hell out out their vehicles and themselves in a quest for the $100k prize.

It was interesting to see that the Defender, by far the most expensive vehicle on the show, completely fell apart over just a few days, finally bowing out with a blown engine. I would not consider that to be much of a PR campain for Rover, but then very few off-roaders drive Rovers due to their excessive price tag, maintenance costs and unreliable nature. They are handsome vehicles, though. Also, the driver of the Rover was a bit of a weenie and got his panties all up in a bind over damage to a few small trees on the first day. Dude, it’s Alaska. They can spare a few trees. His partner was no better and the show is definitely more enjoyable without them.

The people involved in the show are totally genuine, and I can say that I personally know people who are every bit these guys (and one gal) on the show. They smoke. They swear a lot and they’re not beautiful, but they are the most real people that I’ve seen in any reality show and I can’t wait for the next episode!

The show airs at 10pm EST on the History Channel.


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