Monsanto and Autism

Stephanie Seneff, PhD, recently presented truly horrifying statistics about the effect that Monsanto’s Roundup and GMOs are having on the population, stating that in only 11 years, 1 out of every 2 children will be autistic. At first glance, the number sounds almost ridiculously high, but when you look at the stratospheric rise in autism rates as illustrated below, it is clearly plausible and highly likely. And unless the public wakes up and forces the government to shut them down, we are headed for a disastrous future.

Autism rates from the 70s to the present
Autism rates from the 70s to the present

So what will our society do to stop this? Probably nothing, because even Mr. HopeyChangey hired Monsanto executives. And if he did it, Monsanto will not be discussed in the progressive realm regardless of their detriment to the world. Even if it comes in the form of mercenary soldiers.

Also, because our system is bought and paid for by corporate interests, members of Congress will do everything in their power to protect Monsanto even if it means national suicide.

I often wonder how Monsanto employees can sleep at night. Clearly, people who work there have no conscience to prevent them from producing their wide range of poisons. Investors are equally complicit as they financially support the actions of this evil, inhuman company.

A good first step would be to begin a national effort by universities, etc. to divest all Monsanto holdings followed by intense pressure on our elected officials to address these findings before it’s too late for all of us.Unfortunately, with our electronically distracted, brain-dead population, I can’t say that I’m particularly optimistic of anything happening.


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