The Interview Just Plain Sucks

Still shot from The Interview

I had the misfortune this past weekend to be subjected to “The Interview”, the movie that was at the center of the recent Sony hacks. Supposedly, North Korea was so insulted by this movie that they hacked Sony, released damaging internal information and made veiled threats to the US.

I don’t buy the North Korean hack story, and after seeing the movie, they have nothing to fear from such an unbelievably stupid movie. It appears to have been written by stoned high school freshman who are obsessed with bad sex jokes, dicks, ejaculation and in particular, shoving things up their backsides. The humor was so lowbrow that only the truly moronic would find it amusing. This movie should have been used as a backdrop in the move “Idiocracy”, because “Ow, My Balls” is an intellectual masterpiece in comparison.

Of course, I shouldn’t expect anything more from the same people who wrote “Superbad”, another one of the worst movies ever produced.

I was surprised to see credits at the end of the film, because this movie was so shallow and sophomoric that anybody associated with it will shudder every time somebody brings it up as part of their past. But then, maybe not since Hollywood is not exactly worried about quality as is so obvious from the detestable crap they keep putting out in every increasing numbers year after year.


Bill Nye, the Lying Seahawks Guy

Pressure gauge

After Coach Belichick ’s recent press conference, where he explained the pressure differences in the football due to atmospheric changes, Bill Nye came out and called him a liar, saying that it made no sense.

Thomas Healy, founder of HeadSmart Labs, claims that the conditions of the AFC title game would have caused a significant drop in air pressure by result of their simulation. An even more impressive supporter of Belichick ‘s explanation is that of Richard P. Binzel, professor of planetary science at MIT. According to him, “Professor Belichick got it exactly right.

But, according to TV Star, Bill Nye, the environment has no effect on air pressure within a football and only an air pump can change it. This guy has the audacity to call himself “The Science Guy!” If he doesn’t understand this fundamentally simple concept, then he is either a fraud as a scientist or just a lying sack of shit. I’ll bet on the latter, particularly considering his closing comment of “Go Seahawks.”

Did Eli Manning Cheat in his 2 Super Bowl Wins?


It appears that he may have. Eli had footballs altered to his exact specifications.
Here are the Giants’ procedures before a game:

■ The new ball is rubbed vigorously for 45 minutes with a dark brush, which removes the wax and darkens the leather.

■ Next, a wet towel is used to scour the ball until the ball’s outer surface is soaked through.

■ While the ball is wet, it is brushed again.

■ Then the ball is taken over to an electric spin wheel, where it undergoes another high-speed scrubbing.

At this point, the ball is put aside overnight. Then the process is repeated twice over the next couple of days.

Most likely they even altered the psi of the football. There’s no question that the NFL should investigate this and if true, make the Giants return their rings, trophies and any other item that signifies their victory over the Pats and award the Patriots two more super bowl victories.