They are not “Militants”

talibanHere’s a description by CNN of a horrifying act that occurred recently in Pakistan:

“The Taliban stormed a military-run school in northwest Pakistan on Tuesday, gunning down at least 126 people — most of them children — in one of the (sic) volatile Asian nation’s deadliest attacks.

Hours after the attack, Pakistani troops were still exchanging gunfire with the militants inside the Army Public School and Degree College in the violence-plagued city of Peshawar, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from the country’s capital, Islamabad.”

Would somebody please explain the difference between militants and terrorists to the morons in the media? In any sane person’s mind, someone who storms a school and kills 126 people is clearly a terrorist. The media has become complicit when they try to soften the image of terrorism by referring to them with the much less frightening term of “militant”.

ISIS, Hamas, the Taliban, and other related groups are all clearly terrorist organizations and should be referred to as such. Calling them anything else is an inexcusable insult to their innumerable victims.


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