#illjihadwithyou – The Insanity of the Left

Actual Heroes

Before the recent terrorist act in Australia had even concluded, the lunatic fringe of the left had jumped out in front to show sympathy not for the victims, but for the terrorist who murdered two people in a cafe in Sydney, Australa. Using the twitter term, #illridewithyou, these brain dead idiots clearly showed themselves to be heartless, deluded and cruel.

Tori Johnson, who managed the cafe, acted to put an end to the situation by attacking the terrorist. At the same time, Katrina Dawson, a 38 year old mother of 3, placed herself in the line of fire to save a pregnant friend and died as a result. The actions of these two exceptionally selfless heros allowed the other hostages to flee the cafe, thus saving many lives. These incredibly brave people gave their lives to save their friends and fellow Australians, but the politically correct crowd decided to celebrate the terrorist instead, using social media to promote support of terrorism. These shameless, fucking cowards should have used a more authentic twitter tag such as #illjihadwithyou, because they have clearly tossed aside their humanity and decency to join the forces of evil.

While the families are grieving for the loss of their beloved children, wife and mother, the media has also been working overtime trying to separate this terrorist from the insanity of Islamic terrorism. “Lone wolf action”, they all cry, when it’s painfully obvious that none of these actions are independent. The Guardian, the terrorist’s favorite western newspaper, has gone to shameful lengths to defend Man Haron Monis, a self-proclaimed ayatollah, and make sure that he is labeled “just a gunman” and not the Islamic terrorist that any intelligent person knows he is.

It’s time for the leaders of the left to reacquaint themselves with the concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, and put an end to this love affair with terrorists.

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