Santa and The Pit Bull

Girl attacked by pit bull

CNN recently put a headline up that read “Santa turns away autistic girl, dog.”

If you clicked on the link, you would have read a ridiculous tale of some horribly mean Santa not fulfilling the dreams of some young girl because of her service dog, even though the service dog is a Pit Bull, a breed that should be exterminated or at least banned from any type of ownership.

The real question that should have been asked is what kind of person would entrust their daughter to such a dangerous animal? No decent, caring parent would put a Pit Bull anywhere near their child. These are the dogs of street criminals and thugs, with one purpose and that is to tear up other dogs and people. Owning a Pit Bull is the same as walking down the street pointing a gun at every person in sight. Only an insane person would do something like that, but that is exactly how most decent humans view these dogs and their owners. Pit Bulls are a projection of inner evil from the owner and an attempt to terrorize the citizenry. Pit Bull owners are nothing more than domestic terrorists.

Kudos to Santa for taking a stand against these idiots, but will the the citizenry ever stand up for their right to walk down the street in peace and not live in fear of being attacked by these domestic terrorists? Certainly not as long as idiotic articles like this demonize the good and celebrate the wicked, but then that is an ongoing element of our media these days.

Unfortunately, we’ll most likely end up reading another headline down the road about this poor child being attacked by her supposed loving, gentle, family oriented Pit Bull.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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