How To Become a Pariah

Kaci Hickox
Look at me!

In the small, friendly, northern border town of Fort Kent, Maine, a young nurse by the name of Kaci Hickox has illustrated exactly how to become a pariah by putting her selfish, narcissistic interests above those of the community.

Upon her return from Sierra Leone, one of the epicenters of the Ebola outbreak where she administered assistance in a most unselfish manner, she refused quarantine by the State of New Jersey. New Jersey succumbed easily to the threat of lawsuit, so they passed her on to her home state of Maine. Once arriving in Fort Kent, she immediately stated her refusal to follow any kind of quarantine, dismissing any concerns that those who live in that small town might have. Desperately seeking international attention, she got on her bike with her accomplice and proceeded to ride around town, smiling brightly for all the cameras.

It’s egregious enough that this woman would endanger her neighbors for her 15 minutes of fame, but the incredible disdain she has shown towards them will most likely make her a permanent pariah there.

And rightly so.

One aspect of quarantines is to allay the fears of the population. People are afraid of Ebola, whether it’s fully warranted or not, and she decided that keeping the public calm was completely outside her realm of responsibility. Self promotion was her goal and damn the torpedoes! Even the ACLU has supported her insanity, but then they always place the individual above the common good. Oh, and don’t forget that her roommate in Sierra Leone has ebola.

Let her seek fame, but in Fort Kent, she will only find infamy.


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