Halloween Crap

Halloween store

This is the time of year when America gets scary, and truly ugly.

Yes, it’s when Americans take that old sort-of holiday called Halloween and turn it in to a landfill pumping month of bullshit consumerism. Not so long ago, it was simply a night when kids would dress up in mostly simple, homemade outfits and walk around the neighborhood knocking on doors, trying to fill their paper bags full of candy.

Ahh, but the purveyors of plastic junk have taken over Halloween just like they’ve done with every other holiday, no matter how real it may or may not be. They’ve created a billion dollar market of useless, ugly crap that gets used once and then thrown in the trash. Party stores quickly convert to dedicate every inch of floor space to hawk rubber masks, costumes, battery powered pumpkins and ghouls. And the dolts rush in to get the latest garbage to strew all over their front lawns.

The other disturbing element of Halloween is the childish antics of adults where they dress up with the enthusiasm of children and get sloshed. I was probably 10 years old the last time that I dressed up and to me that seems about right. It simply wasn’t cool anymore after that, and it shouldn’t be. The whole night is for kids, not adults who can’t seem to remember that the night is for the children, not them.

Since we can’t put an end to Halloween, nor should we, but maybe people could start fixing it by putting real pumpkins out on their steps, making simple costumes for the kids, start acting like adults and stop buying all the needless crap that will be around for the next million years.


One thought on “Halloween Crap

  1. Halloween has only been a “Children’s holiday” since the 1930s(and only because the Gov’t was trying to curb out of control teen mischief). The previous 3 thousand years it was not. Adults have begun to reclaim the holiday. In our paranoid society of social rejects with little to no social skills, door-to-door trick or treating is nearing its death. The holiday is reverting back to the group-oriented traditions that it had in the 50s.

    I don’t disagree with your points on capitalism ruining holidays (I detest Christmas for the same reason). I’m just saying.

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