Damn, You Ugly

iWatch and Moto 360

Yesterday, Apple held it’s annual Fanboy Festival where it showcased the latest iterations of its aging designs. This year, the highlight was the new iWatch, their first attempt at wearable tech.

Only time will tell if it’s a total failure, but such an uninspiring design will most likely end up in the bottom of buyers’ dresser drawers. To be somewhat generous, most wearable tech, with the exception of the Moto 360, has been downright ugly, but even the diehard Apple fans must have sighed when they first saw it and thought, “WTF is that hideous thing?!” Jobs would never have allowed such a drab product to make it to market.

Over at Motorola, people were probably dancing in their cubicles after seeing the release, because they’re the ones on top now. The Moto 360 is a work of art compared to that stupid looking wrist box, and running $100 cheaper makes it a no-brainer.

Apple’s design department has clearly lost that magic touch and is relying more and more on gimmickry, with the most egregious example being the 18k iWatch. It goes perfectly with the ultra cheesy gold Kardashian iPhone they released last year.

Personally, I’ll stick with a plain old watch that doesn’t need to be charged every day, never crashes, and can go for a swim.


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