Ice Bucket Idiots

Ice BucketEveryone has seen the latest social media craze for the lemmings: the #IceBucketChallenge. I am no longer even slightly amazed at the stupidity of modern American idiots and their insatiable desire to find the next opportunity to display their stupidity and excessive narcissism to the world.

Raising awareness of a disease is generally considered to be a good endeavor, but this one does nothing to actually address the problem of ALS. It only serves as an opportunity for the social morons to try and sell themselves as caring, empathetic citizens of a broad community. In reality, they get to post videos of themselves getting an ice bath.

The challenge is to either dump a bucket of ice water over your head or to donate $50-$100 to a particular charity, however everyone is opting for the ice bucket rather than donating money. Of course, that’s what this is really all about, not a charity endeavor but a massive public endeavor to provide the endless supply of narcissists with yet another chance to promote themselves while impersonating actual decent human beings.

Maybe the challenge should be to film yourself handing a $100 bill over to your local charity in person. You can dress as a clown or your favorite superhero. That would ensure that the charity actually gets some money and the self promoter gets that surge of adrenalin they so desperately need.


2 thoughts on “Ice Bucket Idiots

  1. Not only is it a stupid mindless bandwagon, but the $42 million raised for Big Pharma will never go towards a “cure.” You don’t find “cures” testing toxic chemicals on animals and human guinea pigs.
    The only “cures” traditional medicine has ever found have been for those pesky lawsuits for the millions of people who have been injured or killed from the toxic drugs & vaccine side effects.

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