They’re Right. I Don’t Understand.

That is one ugly Jeep
2015 Jeep Renegade

It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Being a fan of quality, function and beautiful design, I certainly cannot understand the latest Jeep thing, the new Jeep Renegade. In the race to see who can remove utility from sport utility vehicle, Jeep just jumped ahead of the competition.

The new Renegade is a heinous looking thing, looking part Kia, part Nissan, but total dork.

Another Mall Utility Vehicle, and designed for those with no concept of aesthetics in design, this thing will be a hit with……who the hell knows. Just idiots I guess.

Based on the Fiat 500, another stunning piece of crap from Italia, this fragile box just may put Jeep out of business. It’s reliability will be a wonderful combination of Jeep and Fiat, both world class bottom dwellers in the realm of quality. Expect record recalls and a short production span.

Rubicon drivers will swear and curse loudly every time they see one of these things pull up next to them. As if the Liberty wasn’t bad enough, seeing one of these may require them to immediately drive to the off-road shop for a new winch and tow rope in a vain attempt to assuage the shame.

Congratulations Jeep, your proficiency at producing crap is improving with every model release.


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