Solar Roadways Fantasy

With over 2 million views, a YouTube video on the concept of solar roadways has piqued the interest of enough people that they ponied up over 2 million dollars on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo. P.T. Barnham would have loved it!

The concept is that we are going to replace our paved roadways with billions of these interlocking solar cell modules and that they will generate oodles of electricity and enough of a surplus to power damn near everything. They’ll keep the roads clear of ice. They’ll let you know when a moose is crossing ahead of you. They’ll be the information source for traffic routing. They’ll power your phone.

Simply put, this has to be one of the dumbest ideas ever put forth in the name of energy conservation or production. We’re supposed to use these highly complex pieces of plastic, wire and loads of other modern synthetic materials to replace simple pavement.

But pavement is getting really expensive because it’s made of oil, right? Correct, but so are these modules because they’re made of oil and require high tech manufacturing, so they’re outrageously expensive.

Let’s face it, we’re already so broke that we can barely maintain our infrastructure, and now the technoid fantasy subscribers think that all our problems can be solved with ridiculous concepts such as this.


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