Less Tats More Quality

tattooed idiot


Even the army recognizes that tattoos are for losers.

Now that they aren’t as desperate for warm bodies to send to the Middle East, they’re clamping down on tats, and the results are exactly what was to be expected: they’re getting better recruits.

Smart people, those capable of independent thought, have rejected the mindless herd mentality of the tattooed. Nothing says “I’m a follower” quite like a tattoo. For most, it’s a desperate attempt to fit in, but for many, it’s an attempt to look dangerous. Only a short time ago, only whores, sailors and hardened criminals had tattoos. Now, everybody from the skinny dork next door to the meth dealer down the street to the formerly beautiful girl next door is covered with them.

Let’s hope the Army can start the process of ending this incredibly stupid fad.



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