Space Waste


Would you pay $250,000 for 6 minutes of weightlessness? Of course not. No sane person would do such a thing. But a narcissistic asshole? They’re getting in line to pay this ridiculous fee so that they can obtain bragging rights and boost their image. We can all look forward to 1/4 million dollar selfies of the elites in space. Yay.

The whole process is such a galactic waste of resources that it’s hard to fathom the idiocy it takes to pursue such an endeavor.

These rockets emit a large amount of black carbon in to the stratosphere, where it will stay for long periods, slowly building up and blocking sunlight to the earth. Black carbon absorbs a million times more energy than CO2 and breaks down very slowly in the stratosphere. As this idiotic space tourism increases, so will the deleterious effects on our environment. All to meet the insatiable desires of our wealthiest inhabitants. It could be the best example of the trickle down theory. They pollute the stratosphere, thus partly blocking the life support system on earth for the meek.

Richard Branson loves to greenwash himself, but as everyone knows, it’s pure BS. No environmentally minded individual would own an airline that produces such vast amounts of pollution, nor would they spend all their time flying around the world spreading more of it everywhere they go. His tales of airlines running on algae secretions and other ridiculous concepts are pure fantasy, created to maintain an image that is the opposite of reality. Even Leonardo DiCaprio, the famously green actor has booked his flight. I guess his needs are so great that he can overlook the massive amounts of pollution that his childish fantasy will produce. Everyone who goes up in these things are assholes, plain and simple. They make that dude driving the Hummer look like Rachel Carson.

Our climate is changing at a horrifying rate and now we’re supposed to embrace a new business that will only accelerate the deterioration. Pure madness.