Google Glass is for Predators


As if we aren’t inundated with Big Brother lurking everywhere, now that creepy looking nerd with the Google Glass can do a background search on you just by looking at you.

Meet NameTag, the latest in personal surveillance for Glassholes. Put this on a rapist or other type of socially unacceptable type, and they can use this new tool to become an uber-predator. Stare. Get name, phone number, address, info from social media, etc. Approach woman. Convince her you know each other or have mutual friends or that you’re also really in to Gothic cathedrals, and voila, her shields are down and it’s rape time! Or maybe just get her home address and be there before she does. Predators must be drooling at the prospect of what these things will do for them.

The possibilities of misuse of this utility are endless. The only real outcome from Google Glass acceptance will be a further degradation of the individual’s place in society. Trust of others is already on a precipitous decline, but this will alienate everyone and put an end to trust as we know it. What are they doing behind that glass? At this point, one must assume it is something nefarious and must act accordingly, whether that is to remove the GG from the Glasshole or simply leave.

While I describe GG as being the only product that will cause this, I am only using it as the primary example. Later versions and others by competing manufacturers will probably become much less noticeable, but they will be there. And those will be even worse, because whether or not you see some obvious tool like this, you’ll have to assume that the other person is wearing one regardless, and that will be an end to individuality. You cannot act as anything but what is considered to be a perfectly normal person, whatever that may be.

So folks, do yourself a favor and fight back against this crap by humiliating Glassholes and ostracizing them at every encounter.


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