Modern Tech Sweatshops

I find it interesting how so many young hipster tech types are so easily fooled in to accepting crap as gleaming jewels; at least in the short term.

Due to the nature of my business, I see this on a consistent basis. My firm works with a number of local web shops, many that are considered “high end, cool places” to work. The two common ingredients among these shops are the “open plan” layout and the look of utter despair among the code monkeys, except for that one new employee. She’s the only one wearing a smile and clearly hasn’t figured out what type of hellish work environment she just joined.

Sitting side by side with absolutely no privacy is not a way to foster creativity and inspiration, but a way to suck the life out of your employees and make them feel like rats in a cage. When I was a kid, I visited a shoe factory and remember seeing the workers all toiling away in a similar setup and all I could think was that I had better go to college to make damn sure I didn’t end up in such a place. Nowadays, college grads are walking willingly in to these sweatshops while management quietly chuckles at their brilliant little money saving scheme.

To illustrate my point, imagine working in a shithole like this:

***Note the two skateboarding idiots who have been utterly duped in to thinking they’re cool.

I’m surprised they don’t put nets up, ala Foxconn.