Google Glasses Pose a Threat


The tech nerds of the world are quivering with excitement over the idea that Google will soon be releasing their uber geek shades to the world. These marvels of technical innovation respond to verbal commands which can activate internet searches, video and audio recording, and just about anything else a computer can do. The problem is that you, citizen of the world, won’t even know that you’re being recorded on these human bound drones. Your private conversation and every action could be broadcast to the world in milliseconds.

And of course they can be hacked, so your every movement and view can be shared with some hacker asshole or maybe some alphabet service in the government.

The personal infringement issues that these devices bring up is broad to say the least, however due to the permissive nature of an electronically dazzled, dimwitted and overfed population, you can be sure that no real action will be taken to secure our liberties. Maybe the ACLU can take it up after they finish defending the second amendment from the Obama administration.

Just think how distracted drivers already are with cell phones. Now imagine it with constant video in their view. These pinheads will make drunk drivers look like upstanding citizens.

On a final note, how long do you think it will be until the first Glass murder takes place due to the infringement of another person’s rights? The first Glass beating will happen very quickly, and with good reason. Personally, I won’t care when that happens, because this is the kind of egregiously invasive product needs to be outlawed as it is not much different from that drone flying over your house recording everyone’s movements.

Maybe the only thing that can be done is to publicly humiliate the idiots wearing them, much like smokers have been demonized over the last 25 years. These narcissistic jerks must be informed that other members of society do not appreciate the danger they represent to a civilized society.