iPhone vs The Market

Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy

This post is quite late, particularly considering that version 5 has been out for a few months, but I’ve had the time to compare the best products on the market and make a decent choice for a phone.

I was up for a new phone back in mid-summer, but decided to wait for the new iPhone and see what amazing improvements that Apple would incorporate in to their most important product. Well, after waiting months and reading crazy rumors of virtual keyboards, etc., I, along with millions of others, was incredibly disappointed to see that all they had to offer was a slightly longer screen and a few minor enhancements.

A half inch longer screen, while retaining the same width, is not an enhancement. It’s a pathetic response to market demand. The market likes bigger screens which the Android market has shown. From my perspective as a middle aged man who now wears glasses, the puny screen on the iPhone is difficult to read, even with its high resolution. Larger screens provide advantages for everything that a smart phone does now: texting, reading, watching videos, surfing, etc.. All are vastly easier and provide a more pleasurable experience than the small screen. If you’re a 20 year old with perfect vision and small fingers, it’s probably ok, but for the rest of us, the iPhone is simply not in the running.

So after all that and reviewing everything that the market had to offer, I picked up a Samsung Galaxy S3, a product that makes the iPhone look like an antique. The smooth, buttery feeling of the Jelly Bean OS really blows the iOS clean in to the weeds.

Tim Cook should not get too comfortable in his office, because I really doubt he’ll be around that long. The competition is way too good now and Apple has stopped innovating and become stubborn to change.


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