iPhone 5 Release Video Starring Unshaven Punk

I was just watching the iPhone 5 release video that Apple put on their site yesterday and was amazed at
the immaturity of the presenter. The phone itself is underwhelming, too small and not up to the
competition, but that’s an argument for another post.

What truly floored me is the dress and appearance of Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design. Displaying all the elegance of a video store employee, this middle aged man is dressed in a gray t-shirt, chest hairs poking out, and clearly hasn’t shaved in days. What a class act!

This arrogance seems to be pervasive at Apple, one that was clearly led by the late Steve Jobs, a brilliant, but detestable human being who clearly had no respect for other people. Ive has displayed an incredible lack of common sense and lack of respect for the client by showing up looking like a bum, or at the least, a 20-something punk.

Personally, I’d prefer a phone made for and by grownups.