Paterno Skips Out Early

As you’ve heard, the infamous Joe Paterno, legendary football coach and close friend of child molester, Jerry Sandusky, has died, thus skipping out early before any type of punishment could be handed down on him for his handling of the child molestation.

Meanwhile, rabid Penn State fans, who clearly have no compassion for the children whose lives were destroyed due to the inaction of Paterno, are lamenting his death. 

What has this country come to when a sports coach is held in such deity as to allow fans to overlook the horrible demon that he really was?

May he rot in hell.


One thought on “Paterno Skips Out Early

  1. With all due respect, what further punishment was Paterno going to see? He was fired — that was the worst that could have happened to him. He faced no legal issues stemming from the allegations.

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