Paterno Skips Out Early

As you’ve heard, the infamous Joe Paterno, legendary football coach and close friend of child molester, Jerry Sandusky, has died, thus skipping out early before any type of punishment could be handed down on him for his handling of the child molestation.

Meanwhile, rabid Penn State fans, who clearly have no compassion for the children whose lives were destroyed due to the inaction of Paterno, are lamenting his death. 

What has this country come to when a sports coach is held in such deity as to allow fans to overlook the horrible demon that he really was?

May he rot in hell.


Nissan Acheteur, FKA Pathfinder

The Ultimate Feminine Vehicle
Formerly known as Pathfinder, it's now passed the preop stage to full female

Many years ago, I owned a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder, a SUV that wasn’t designed with the primary mission of taking Princess to the mall for a shopping expedition. I shod it with some decent sneakers, BF Goodrich AT/TA’s, and it was an excellent off-roading machine. My friend in his 4Runner had difficulty following in my tracks. That vehicle never let me down and took me up some incredibly bad terrain with agility and ease.

Fast forward to 2012 and the concept of the next generation Pathfinder, or is it a Highlander? Maybe a Santa Fe? I’m not really sure, but it’s incredibly feminine and clearly designed as the modern suburban mall-cruiser.
This thing looks like it would have a difficult time clearing the speed bump out in front of Chucky Cheese, let alone actually heading down a real dirt road. But hey, poor styling and ugly lines are in these days, so I’m sure we’ll see these things all over the mall, but most definitely not up in the woods as no real man would be caught dead in this thing.

2013 Audi Imperial Allroad

Audi Imperial Allroad
Audi Allroad Ti Fighter

I’m quite sure that the Allroad Quattro is a thrill to drive and a picture of quality, however the new styling cues are quite boring and uninspired. Correction on the latter part of that statement….they are inspired. By Star Wars. In particular, the helmets of the Imperial Troopers. 

And does anybody really like those cheesy little Christmas lights? I could see Mitsubishi or Kia with those, but not a supposed driver’s car.