Fiat 500

Back in 2008, the drunk European auto press actually named the Fiat 500 the “European Car of the Year”. Well, Fiat got drunk too and somehow deluded themselves that this tiny tin can piece of Italian crap would sell in America.

Clearly, that idea didn’t sail. The 500 has been an unbelievable disaster for Fiat in the states and for good reason. It’s too small, and when you look at the gas mileage, you would assume that anything so tiny and dangerous to drive (very poor crash rating), should at least get 80 mpg. But no, the ugly little round box only gets 27-34 mpg, city and highway.

If your dumb enough to think this car is cute and are just dying to ask “Quanto costa questo?”, well the price tag is beyond laughable, running up over 23k! You could get a Prius for that kind of money, getting almost twice the mileage, a far more attractive and safe vehicle, all wrapped up in Toyota quality. With Fiat’s reputation for quality, the price should be more around the 7k mark, and even that would be a rip off.

If you’re more interested in cute and fun to drive, even the Ford Focus, which is very close in mpgs, provides twice the performance in a very attractive package.

Good luck, Fiat. You’re seriously going to need it with this piece of crap.

A dopo!