Insider Trading in Congress

After watching the 60 Minutes episode on congressional insider trading with wide eyed horror, I, like most Americans who watched it, am absolutely livid.

Our Congress has become a snake pit of lying, cheating, soulless creeps who are interested only in self aggrandizement and money, with no sense of morality or ethics. Clearly, they are above the law and act in that manner every day. The laws that apply to the citizenry, ones that would send us to jail for a very long time, simply do not apply to legislators. This needs to stop right now.

Boehner and Pelosi should immediately step down after the obvious unethical insider trading activities that they took part in which was illustrated in the episode. The remainder of Congress should do a few things:

1. Pass emergency legislation to reverse the rules that allow insider trading by members of Congress or anyone associated with them.

2. Make the law retroactive and prosecute any lawmakers found to have taken part in such an illegal activity.

It’s not like we’re splitting hairs on the issue. Most members of Congress are lawyers and know that this “honest graft” is anything but honest. This is about the easiest ethics question that they could ever be asked, and they failed spectacularly.

What would be the saddest of all possible outcomes here would be for the media and the people to simply ignore it and continue on the apathetic road that most Americans live on. The people need to raise holy hell on this one and demand immediate and decisive action.


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