Penn State Scandal

There are a few really shocking points about the Penn State pedophilia case, besides the horrific acts themselves.

The first is that the administration knew about these acts, as they were notified after several instances of discovery and notification. Those people that were involved in the cover-up of the crimes should face charges with similar levels of punishments as the molester himself, Jerry Sandusky. They also need to take the statue of Paterno down immediately and remove any other form of public adulation of him. His legacy is now one of total shame.

What I find exceptionally shocking is the reaction of the students of Penn State. After the firing of Paterno, they rioted in the streets in SUPPORT of a creepy old man who may have been complicit in a massive child molestation case. These incredibly moronic students care more about football than they do about young boys that have been ruined for life at the hands of one of their coaches. Screaming, “We want Joe! We want Joe!”, they toppled cars, threw rocks and caused extensive destruction. Penn State should review the tapes of the riots and expel every student that they can identify. If this is the caliber of the students at PS, then it’s time to review their academic standing and their admissions process.


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