Internet Explorer

Way back in the early days of the internet, you know, the 90’s, Microsoft took over the market with Internet Explorer, stomping its rival Netscape Navigator in to the turf and making it a footnote in internet history.

Since that time, IE has evolved in to a model of arrogance and ineptitude. Not a “compliant” browser, in the words of true nerds, it has become increasingly slow and painful to use. With every new version that comes out, MS hails it as the most advanced browser ever, but the reality is that the first version of Firefox is still preferable to the latest version of IE.

When IE9 came out, I tried to download it on to my lame work computer that is still running XP, but I received a lovely error message stating that IE9 does not run on XP. Firefox, Chrome and Safari have no problem in XP so you’d think that Microsoft would make its OWN browser run on its OWN software. Incredible, right? Well, now they’ve done it again with IE10, which they’ve stated won’t run on Vista. Vista isn’t even that old and MS won’t adapt it for its most recent operating system? Just WTF is going through their heads? Is this some kind of avant garde suicidal business method? Let’s reduce our market share for our new product and give our customers greater incentive to use our competitor’s product! Brilliant!

Would everyone please just unite and and uninstall this piece of crap. Maybe then Mr. Gates will clean out the IE group at MS and start over with a whole new set of code. Maybe they could hire some of those Firefox guys!!


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