Crazy Car Seat Expiration Dates

We recently tried to sell our Britax car seat only to discover not one, but two hyperparanoid mothers who freaked when they saw that it was only two years from the expiration date, having been manufactured in 2006.

This car seat, one that is built better than most American cars and uses the same restraint fabric in auto seat belts, has a manufacturer’s determined life span of only 6 years. This seat will be in mint condition sitting in a landfill 10,000 years from now, and these sleazebags who produce them are taking advantage of the naiveté, gullibility and downright stupidity of today’s parents by putting ridiculous expiration dates on them.

Go ahead and search for expiration dates on these seats and you’ll find endless forum posts from the mindless dolts who have bought in to the manufacturer’s planned obsolescence, hook, line and sinker. No sign of anyone questioning the validity of the claims, just pure acceptance. Does anyone think for themselves anymore? These seats could go in the space shuttle 20 years from now, yet these people are so trained to follow whatever the manufacturer’s association prints, that they will spend any amount of money to stay in compliance.

These are the same parents who, in a few years, will give their offspring cell phones that they can keep glued to their heads for the rest of their lives with deleterious effects. But hey, there’s no official recognition of the harmful effects of all that radiation spewing in to the brain from phones, so they won’t acknowledge it and certainly it’s more important for little Johnny to be in constant contact than putting two and two together and making a logical decision that it just might be dangerous to strap an electronic device 5 mm away from the brain. Johnny will survive the car seat phase, but he’ll die of brain cancer by the time he’s 25.


One thought on “Crazy Car Seat Expiration Dates

  1. I am a Ph.D child and school psychologist. My wife and I are about to give birth to our 3rd child. We Were getting out the baby’s car seat for tuesdays big day And discovered the expiration date on the bottom as if it were a gallon of milk. We bought this car seat four years ago for the birth of our 4 year old daughter. The only way that this would be true is if there were supposed anschel changes to the design and engineering of these car seats. Or if they worry called. We all wanna give our babies the best art and to keep them safe. With this economy No 1 can afford to waste any money on products that they do not need. I would recommend that parents pay attention to driving and being safe and slowing down As opposed to needing to replace a car seat that is only a few years old. An asiede, Obviously if the car seat had been in a car that was involved in an accident it is junk in should be thrown into the landfillcarseat was in a car accident

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