Down on the Cloud

Way back in the early days of computing, there were workstations that talked to a mainframe which processed everything, spewing data back and forth to the workstations. It worked at the time, but was slow and certainly did nothing to enhance creativity among its users.

Along came the pc, cutting the tethers and freeing the mind.

For the next few decades, a veritable Renaissance occurred due to that creativity unleashed by the pc (Macs, too). All was grand until the computer corporations began to really understand how to keep their customers forever. Keep their most important data hostage, err….on their servers. Tell them it’s all about convenience and the freedom to access their data and apps from anywhere. It’s empowering, folks. Feel your individuality.

Some may argue from an ecological point of view that the Cloud is a preferable method of computing, relying on the energy efficiency and resource efficiency of central processors.

However, from a privacy point of view, it’s pure lunacy. Users, business and personal, are putting their most important data up on a server, somewhere out there in the ether with God knows who responsible for security and protection from outside hackers and inside data thieves.

Before you think I’m some cranky luddite who’s only response is to oppose anything new, think about what you are doing when you put your private data up there. Somebody will get to it. The only question is what will they do with it?


Kill the Keurig

Keurig waste

Not so long ago, making coffee was a fairly environmentally benign process. You brought your coffee home, spooned it in to a reusable filter or at least a recyclable paper filter, filled the reservoir with water, pressed the button and voila, coffee came out by the potful or the cupful depending on how much you desired. Once done, you could empty the coffee grounds in your compost heap with almost no impact on the environment or adding to our incredibly monstrous waste stream.

Ah, but then along came the K-Cup. Just as the world is becoming more attuned to the fragility of life on this planet and the consequences of our profligate lifestyle a la declining resources, climate change, increasing deforestation, rising sea levels, skyrocketing extinction levels, etc., some asshole invents a new way to take a simple, clean daily process and turn it in to an absolute fucking nightmare.

The new K-Cup process now requires you to buy single cup coffee units encased in plastic at a far greater cost than simply buying coffee by the pound. Once you have used this one cup piece of plastic, you then toss it in to the garbage where it will end up in a landfill, slowly rotting away for the next 5000 years.

When I first came across one of these at my parents’ yard sale, I laughed at it and thought, “Gee, who would be stupid enough to buy one of these poorly made pieces of shit?” My parents stated that my brother had bought this for them for something like $150.00 and that it was the latest thing. They then explained the incredible price of the coffee units, clearly in shock themselves that anyone could be so stupid or wasteful.

After asking myself who would be dumb enough to buy one of these things and then let themselves fall in to the roller coaster of specialized plastic coffee units, I stand amazed. Do Americans have any common sense at all? Apparently not, because that previously mentioned asshole has sold millions and millions of these toxic pieces of plastic.

Total crap.