Cram It Mini!

Mini crap
As difficult as it was to choose a clear winner for the raunchiest, most obnoxious and insulting Super Bowl ad this year, I have to give it to the British automaker, Mini, who horrified anyone with even the slightest sense of decency with their latest ad, “Cram it in the boot”.

Obviously, some childish advertising flunkie who spends all his spare time watching porn films came up with the incredibly sophomoric idea of selling Minis by using a game-show platform titled, “Cram it in the boot”, a not even remotely coy way of referring to anal sex. Unless the executives at Mini are completely brain dead, they must understand their market, and that market must consist of young, moronic males who laugh at every dirty joke they hear and still masturbate 5 times a day because they can’t get an actual woman to say anything to them other than “Fuck off, creep.”

Not that I would have any interest in one of their teeny, crappy cars, I think it behooves the more civilized members of our society to send them a letter and kindly tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.
Contact Mini and tell them it’s crap.


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