Honda Continues its Decline with Participation Trophy


As you have noticed over the least 10 years, Honda design has gone straight down the tubes. Once the embodiment of elegant design in an affordable package, Hondas have entered the arena of absurdity by producing ugly, boring automobiles that look like they have been designed by dumb, stoned dolts who dropped out of engineering school to play GTA 3 all day.

The 2017 Honda Accord, an incredibly bland automobile with touches that only the black wheel-loving , lowbrow, knuckledraggers would love, has finally entered its terminal state of decline.

But what’s this?  The trustees of automotive design have given the Honda Accord the North American Car of the Year Award.

Yes, you read that right. This ugly duckling with NINJA ACTION wheels beat out the Toyota Camry, its prime rival. Forget the fact that the Camry is a far superior design in almost every way.

I used to be a huge fan of Honda design. The old Accords and Civics were absolutely beautiful, and a blast to drive, but in the last 10 years or so, Honda has changed the aesthetics of their cars in a horrible direction.

Every vehicle they make now is heinous looking.  Every last one.

But they’re reliable! Nope, that’s a myth based on another time. Hondas were the pinnacle of reliability for decades, but something happened, and now they’re actually one of the least reliable cars you can buy. This gentleman did the legwork, and his numbers are spot on. Hondas have become Chryslers. And yes, it breaks my heart.

I hope Honda can turn this around, because sales are falling at precipitous rates, and should those Honda owners and buyers who still believe in Honda Claus ever learn the truth, they’ll become another footnote in automotive history.


Maybe Partying Will Help


As I look over this beautiful land
I can’t help but realize that I am alone
Why am I able to waste my energy? To notice life being so beautiful?

Maybe Partying Will Help – The Minutemen

Jean Twenge, the author of   “iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy—and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood – and what That Means for the Rest of Us”, recently published an article on the subject of partying, and how teens just aren’t doing it anymore.

On the surface, this doesn’t sound like any type of negative news, particularly when you think in terms of the numbers of kids who are killed or maimed every year due to impaired driving and overall stupid decisions made during or after partying. However, everything has a side-effect, even ones that seem positive at first and second glance.

The basis of her essay really isn’t about partying as we know, but about the basic social skills that are gained from spending time with friends and other people. I learned a great many skills from partying back in the day which have been extremely useful throughout life. At almost every party, you’ll encounter both good and bad people, and good people who go bad from inebriation, but you also learn how to deal with these people and handle difficult situations. A person’s character can be quickly revealed for a plethora of reasons at any party.

“The number of teens who get together with their friends every day has been cut in half in just fifteen years, with especially steep declines recently.”

With a lack of social skills, and an inability to read and understand other people on the most basic levels, these kids are utterly inept and running headlong in to disaster. To them, artificial reality has replaced reality, and they prefer the former, leaving them with empty, isolated worlds that lead to despair and ruin.  The rise in suicides, and hardcore drug addiction among youth are the perfect indicators of a lost generation.

Unfortunately, those few kids out there who are intelligent enough to reject the digitized, mass sociopathy that has engulfed this generation, will be completely overwhelmed by the herd.

A Special Kind of Stupid

I just came across an article about a pitbull loving moron (sorry for the redundancy) named Stephen Potts, whose lovely, tender pitbulls ripped his arm off. That’s after they tore apart a few dogs in the neighborhood and attacked the dog’s owners in the neighborhood. One had a Staffordshire Terrier, so he’s just another psycho who got what was coming to him.

This particular nutjob has 16 pitbulls. SIXTEEN.  Does he rent them out to heroin dealers? I can just imagine what the effect on real estate values this one guy has on his neighborhood.

This idiot has children under his roof, too, including a two year old and a 4 year old. I would argue that this presents an excellent argument for the state to step in and remove the children from the home as this man and his insane love for killing machines poses a clear and present danger to the welfare of these children. His partner must be equally stupid to stay with such a demented asshole.

I would support any and all efforts to do this in any home that has a pitbull, at least until the breed can be outlawed and eradicated.

Unfortunately, the breed is only increasing in numbers as the increasingly psychopathic population rises.

Stephen Potts, the previously mentioned owner of two massive and extremely dangerous dogs, refused to admit that he and his dogs were at fault.

“I just want people to know it wasn’t the fault of the dogs or the breed, my dogs are good natured – this was a freak incident.”

Isn’t it interesting that after every attack by one of these killer dogs, the owners, if they’re still alive, always say the same thing. “Gee, he was always such a good dog.”