#METOO Stadium

#METOO Stadium

Rumor has it that Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, will be renamed “#MeToo Stadium” following the Super Bowl, in order to celebrate the company’s new focus on ending toxic masculinity and the corrosive patriarchy.

The company has also been rumored to have hired a Boston-based architectural firm to put a dome on Gillette Stadium that will perfectly resemble a pink, pussy hat, however, calls in to Patriot leadership to confirm this information have not been returned.

While some have been quick to see this new focus as possibly the dumbest ad campaign in American business history, one that will most likely see the over one hundred year-old company close its doors, there are a few that see it as pure genius:

“I think its great. Men are nothing but savage beasts that need to be beaten and put in p$### hats,” commented Pat Johansen on Twitter.

Others agreed.

“My wife told me this was great. Her boyfriend agreed, and damn it, so do I.” said Chad Terrel of Gloucester, MA.

“Men @#$@# @#$ @#, and I can’t wait to %^%^ #!! them all! I still can’t support Gillette though, because I don’t shave and they’re still a #$% capitalist pig company that exploits its workers, degrades womyn, and is full of racist nazis”, said Zee Hostile, leader of the extreme leftist, feminist group, HairyPies.

From a business perspective, this new direction is difficult to understand for most, but the new leaders of business that have been promoted, not for achievement, but rather to meet diversity milestones, are now running businesses all across this country. And the results are not inspiring.

Gillette Stadium is the home of the NFL’s most successful franchise, so the Gillette name on the stadium should mean an endorsement of football, and of its primarily male fan base, however, it appears more likely that they’re really saying “#@$% you” to the male majority of Patriot Nation.

If that is their intent, they have done it brilliantly.


Putin is Right About Rap

Recently, Vladimir Putin has come under attack from the media for speaking about the danger that rap music presents to the people of Russia.

He clearly stated, “Rap and other modern [forms of art] are rested upon three pillars – sex, drugs and protest,” he said. “I am most worried about drugs. This is the way towards the degradation of a nation.”

He’s absolutely right.

Of course, the mental midgets that comprise the media these days, have quickly jumped back on the hate-Putin bandwagon, claiming that he’s an uncultured tyrant who doesn’t understand art. Categorizing rap as art, is like referring to a Frank Gehry monstrosity as architecture. Only the utterly uneducated, dullard would view rap as anything more than guttural garbage that has had no positive effect on our culture, but has distinctively degraded it and endangered countless youths.

Since the early days of rap in the 80’s, rappers have done nothing more than glorify violence, drugs and misogyny. Young people have emulated the lifestyle promoted by rappers and their music, with horrifying results that are clearly visible. We’ve witnessed not only a shocking death toll due to the drug problems, but gang violence and its accompanying murder rates, the degradation of women, and even the slovenly appearance of anyone under the age of 40. Western culture is in rapid decline, and rap has played a very important part of why that is happening.

Putin has witnessed the decline of the west, and simply doesn’t want to see Russia go down the same path. To me, that sounds like a solid, rational approach to defending his nation. The only question is how far he’s willing to go to put an end to rap, and save Russia from the morally bankrupt future that awaits it if rap becomes as pervasive as it is in the U.S.

Putin should not waver, but should press on with a complete ban of rap in Russia. In the long run, he’ll be thanked for it, as Russia has the potential to not completely destruct like so many western countries are doing now.

Take a gander at this “art”, and don’t forget to read the comments.



Honda Continues its Decline with Participation Trophy


As you have noticed over the least 10 years, Honda design has gone straight down the tubes. Once the embodiment of elegant design in an affordable package, Hondas have entered the arena of absurdity by producing ugly, boring automobiles that look like they have been designed by dumb, stoned dolts who dropped out of engineering school to play GTA 3 all day.

The 2017 Honda Accord, an incredibly bland automobile with touches that only the black wheel-loving , lowbrow, knuckledraggers would love, has finally entered its terminal state of decline.

But what’s this?  The trustees of automotive design have given the Honda Accord the North American Car of the Year Award.

Yes, you read that right. This ugly duckling with NINJA ACTION wheels beat out the Toyota Camry, its prime rival. Forget the fact that the Camry is a far superior design in almost every way.

I used to be a huge fan of Honda design. The old Accords and Civics were absolutely beautiful, and a blast to drive, but in the last 10 years or so, Honda has changed the aesthetics of their cars in a horrible direction.

Every vehicle they make now is heinous looking.  Every last one.

But they’re reliable! Nope, that’s a myth based on another time. Hondas were the pinnacle of reliability for decades, but something happened, and now they’re actually one of the least reliable cars you can buy. This gentleman did the legwork, and his numbers are spot on. Hondas have become Chryslers. And yes, it breaks my heart.

I hope Honda can turn this around, because sales are falling at precipitous rates, and should those Honda owners and buyers who still believe in Honda Claus ever learn the truth, they’ll become another footnote in automotive history.